NFT Staking Rewards

Alphalist, Wolves & Lycans Daily Rewards


25 $AWOO/day

Unbothered Wolves

Aside from 5 $AWOO/day base reward per wolf, if it possesses boosted traits, they will add up to the total rewards. (5 $AWOO + rewards for boosted trait/s) You'll notice that we've given extra rewards for “None“ traits as well, since wolves with a lower trait count are more scarce than ones with a higher count. (4-trait > 5 > 6 > 7)

Unbothered Lycans

Daily rewards are stated in the image:

Other ways to earn rewards:

  • More $AWOO - Unbothered Wolves missions powered by Danketsu

  • $NATION - Partner staking with Ape Nation

Check out Partnershipsfor the details.

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