Enjoy holder benefits!

We believe that offering fair pricing for our users is best for the whole ecosystem. If you pay less for minting service fees, you'll get more funding. Having enough development funds to execute your roadmap is important, and we especially know this as we are project developers ourselves. Our fees are affordable, but we will never sacrifice the quality of the services we want to deliver.

Minting Native Assets (NFT/FT)

• Standard fee per Asset minted

Personal Mint: 1 ₳ Collection Sale: 1.5 ₳ + 20 $AWOO

Holders fee per Asset minted

Personal Mint: FREE Collection Sale: 1 ₳ + 20 $AWOO

Eligible Holders ↓

Minting Packages ↓

More options for creators!

Policy Snapshot: 3 ₳ + 20 $AWOO Only supports CIP-25 minted NFTs for now.

All AWOO spent by users or creators on the platform will be burned. 🔥 The AWOO pricing will be adjusted accordingly depending on the token's price. There is a standard network fee of 0.2 ADA for every mint transaction.

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