Setting up

Add Guess Bot into your server

Guess Bot is available for everyone.

If you want to add it to your server, just go to our Discord and find the bot with the name Guess Bot#1231 then [Add App] and select your server. Furthermore, if you want to add or verify your token into Guess Bot, kindly open a ticket on our Discord.

This could be an additional utility for your token and recreation for your community.

Verify before adding

Bot Permissions

Assign it to an existing bot role you have on your server with admin permission. Or set these bot permissions on guess events and mini-casino channels: send messages and read message history.

Channels to create

  1. Guess Bot (opt) - Information about the bot Member permissions: view channel, react, and read message history

  2. Guess Events (req) - This is where the admins host the guess events Member permissions: view channel, react, and read message history

  3. Mini-casino (req) - Users run the games and tip here Member permissions: view channel, send messages, react, read message history, and use app commands

Only server admins can use the bot commands from any channel within the server.

Bot Integrations on Discord

Go to Server Settings ➡️ Integrations ➡️ Press Manage for Guess Bot ➡️ Follow the settings below (Only select the channels that you have created for Guess Bot except for the info channel.)

Hosting a Guess Event

Do this on Guess Events channel only. Adding image and setting the max allowed bet are optional.

Command: /guess create

Closing the event

After the set duration of the event, the betting will be closed but the bot won't distribute the winnings automatically, the admin needs to close the event for it to happen. To copy the event ID as required, go to the guess event post you want to close and press [👀 Show Event ID] button.

Command: /guess close

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