Yield Farming

Provide liquidity and farm $AWOO on Minswap.


2,070,000 AWOO will be distributed over the course of one year. It has been extended for another three months, adding 517,500 AWOO to the rewards. ~ Yield Farming went live on February 23, 2023. Daily emission: 5,750 AWOO

How do I earn rewards?

  1. Deposit ADA alongside your AWOO under the Add Liquidity Function or Zap-In ADA to the pool to receive LP tokens.

  2. You must then go to the farming tab and stake your LP tokens there to earn real-time $AWOO rewards.

  3. Once you feel you've accumulated enough rewards, you may harvest them under the same farming tab.

Minswap Farming

More details can be found here:

Providing liquidity runs the risk of possibly incurring impermanent losses.

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