Deposit & Withdraw

Deposit & withdraw ADA / tokens to and from your Discord virtual wallet.

Go to ⁠╭🎰・mini-casino channel on our Discord and run this command: /dashboard info ~Before you can deposit your desired token(s), you need to set or verify your wallet first. To do that, click the [Deposit] button, then follow and read the instructions carefully. As you can see below, there are 4 buttons for /dashboard info command, which are self-explanatory. You can only deposit Supported Currencies, to check the list, just click the [button]. Kindly avoid depositing unsupported tokens, they will be disappeared. If you want to change your verified wallet, just click [Unlink wallet] and verify another one following the steps stated above.

Withdraw fee = 3 ADA This needs to be deposited before making the withdrawal and will be deducted from your Discord virtual wallet balance displayed on your dashboard info. Each supported token has separate withdraw fee and process.

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