Our Vision

Art, Community, Story, and Utility — All in one place!

“We strive to cultivate an ecosystem in which people with similar principles and psyches can vibe through our NFTs, a community and space that feels safe, open, supportive, fun, free, and relaxed. In this fast-paced modern world, we deserve some time to chill out and stay unbothered about the things we can not control. We put equal effort into building a genuine and helpful community, developing fascinating lore, and delivering great art. We believe that the long-term viability of the NFTs depends on their use, which is why we want to provide the Cardano NFT ecosystem with useful tools and incentivize our holders. Ultimately, we'd want our tagline to be widely recognized not only in the crypto space but also in Web2 in hopes of encouraging widespread adoption in the space. This is not an easy goal but with your support, we're gonna make it!” "Chill Out. Stay Unbothered."

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