What's next?

What to look forward to and upcoming developments.

More Tools on XFORGE

Our mint platform will constantly evolve. We will be adding more major features, such as token airdrops, token presales, and many more. This also, depends on the funding we'll have.

Digital Comic Books

The back stories of the main characters will be explored, allowing us to flesh out our narrative and showcase more amazing artwork from our artist and his team. This will be minted as NFT, which can be accessed exclusively by comic book holders through our partner platform.

Clothing Brand

One of our main goals is onboarding new people to Web3, especially Cardano. To do this, we need a product that targets the Web2 masses and bridges the gap for mass adoption of NFTs and crypto in general. This isn't your typical NFT merch, but a brand with a mission to onboard more users to Cardano.

More details for each plan will be disclosed once they are delivered. As we've always emphasized, we do not want to make empty promises but only give insights for everyone to look forward to. Furthermore, these plans might change depending on the current market or funding situation. We will be flexible and act accordingly for the best interest of the project and its community.

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