Guess Event

Guess the correct option and win the losers' tokens!

How do I bet?

1) Go to ┊🤔・guess-events channel on our Discord 2) Press Prediction Menu button 3) Select your preferred option 4) Input how much token you'd like to bet and submit

Once you select and submit an option, you won't be able to change it. You can increase your bet, but you cannot decrease it. Choose wisely! ;)

Rewards Distribution

All the winnings will be taken from the losers. Five percent of the winnings will serve as Tax. The 95% will be distributed to the winners, and the amount winners will receive is proportional to the percentage of tokens they wagered as winners. For instance, if their bet amount was 2% of the winning side, their payout would also be 2% of the winnings. Therefore, you will gain more profits if the total amount of ADA/tokens on the losing side is greater, and vice versa.

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