Mini Casino

Double or Nothing

General Info

To start playing, you need to deposit (Deposit & Withdraw) supported tokens into your Discord virtual wallet. ADA isn't supported for the games yet but could be used or set for . Each game is priced between 100 and 5000 tokens [double or nothing], which means if you lose, all your wagered amount will be lost and if you win, the amount you bet will be doubled.

Where to play? ╭🎰・mini-casino channel

🪙 Coin Flip

Choose between Heads or Tails. Command: /coin flip

🔢 Numble

You will have 6 chances to guess the number between 1 and 100. For every wrong guess a hint will be provided if the missing number is lower or greater than the number you guessed. Command: /numble play

📖 Wolfle

This is our version of Wordle. You'll need to guess the word. You have [six attempts] to guess the word correctly. To make a guess, type in a five-letter word into the guessing box. If a letter is [correct and in the correct position], it will appear as a 🟩 green square. If a letter is [correct but in the wrong position], it will appear as a 🟨 yellow square. If a letter is [not in the word], it will appear as a ◻️ white square. Commands: /wolfle play - To start playing the game /wolfle continue - Continue the existing game with its ID


This is gifting or giving ADA or tokens to other users. Commands: /tip gift - Tipping to a single, specific user /tip active - Tipping active users on a specific channel usually on gen-chat

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