Discover the Unbothered Wolves story.

Mystery had shrouded the existence of a secret pack of wolves, prowling the depths of a forest long forgotten. Born and bred to hunt, this canine crew only had blood in their minds until one humid night in the year 420 -the eve of the first full moon in January. A Wolf Moon, as mankind calls it, hung low over the distant horizon, illuminating the darkest corners of the wilderness. Several wolves have started to hunt, howling through the silence of the night to call out their companions. The pack, consisting of a thousand wolves, has already established territorial dominance across the plains. Animals lured into their territory will most likely be knocking on death's door, especially in the dead of night. That fateful night, a blinding flash of light distracted the wolves from their tasty dinner. Some ran and hid, while others dared to look up and locate the source of brightness. Small green orbs hovering in the skies caught their attention. They waited, mesmerized and seemingly unbothered, as these glowing balls grew larger by the minute. It was already too late for the wolves when the first meteorite struck a tree. Green liquid burst out of the ancient rock and splattered on the fur of nearby wolves. Chaos ensued as more meteorites rained down on the plains and covered the pack with sticky, bright fluid that seemed alive. The howling of the wolves pierced the darkness and continued until the break of dawn. After the pain and panic, the alpha wolves were the ones to change first. The mysterious bacteria released by the green fluid enhanced their physical traits and intellectual capacities to almost human-like status. Each wolf developed features that are out of the ordinary, allowing them to be distinguished differently while still being part of the pack. For generations, the wolves remained hidden, away from the miserable lives of mankind. With their advanced traits, the pack has mastered the ability to survive the whims and woes of modern society. While the wolves evolved individually, one thing remained through the course of time: the pack loves to chill out and stay unbothered.

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